What is a Crypto-currency?

A Crypto-currency is a digital currency that relies on cryptography. Cryptography is used to validate transactions and generate the currency. This makes the currency difficult to counterfeit. Crypto-currencies are decentralized through it's peer-to-peer network design; there is no central authority. This means that there is no government or institution in control of generation, distribution, and the transactions of the currency. This also means that it cannot be shut down, funds cannot be frozen, and there are no arbitrary limits or requirements. Crypto-currencies are open source, anyone can review the code. Crypto-currencies are enabling a free and open market promoting community in much the same way the internet has changed publishing; anyone can use it. Crypto-currencies are anonymous and private in nature and are stored in a digital wallet.

Transactions are a fast, convenient, and guaranteed way to send money directly from person to person anywhere in the world without going through a financial institution. Crypto-currencies are fraud-proof; transactions cannot be undone through charge-backs making it safe to conduct business. Transactions are made with minimal and optional processing fees. You decide what fee you wish to pay for the transactions you make, a miner's fee included in a trasnaction ensures that the transaction completes in a timely manner. All transactions, from day one, are available online.

About Us:

We offer a headache-free exchange to purchase Crypto-currencies. The prices we charge for exchanging into these currencies are Canadian market value plus our exchange fee of $50 + 10%. The effective exchange price for the each coin will be set to the market price at the time of agreement. We Currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash coin (a.k.a. Darkcoin), and Dogecoin. We also offer an array of services including consultation, information on how to get started, and vital tips on how to be successful in the Crypto-currency world.

Placing and order:

We now accept in-person direct deposit as a form of payment at any TD bank. This payment method is the quickest way to obtain your Crypto-currency and a bank account is not required.


1 - For quickest service please place an order during TD Canada Trust Bank hours when they are open. You can check out the hours of your local branch by following the link below:


2 - Place an order below in the Contact Us section below. Please ensure all details are 100% accurate before submitting. This is very important to ensure the ordered Crypto-Currency is sent to the correct public wallet address.

3 - A deposit invoice will be sent to the email you provided in the order, pay the deposit invoice at the bank through a teller. Please be sure to include the required $50 + 10% fee in your payment to ensure prompt processing of your order.

4 - Write down clearly on your TD bank receipt the deposit invoice number, take a photo of the receipt and your drivers license making sure that both are entirely legible, and reply to the email containing the deposit invoice with the photos attached as proof of payment.

Please note that due to the unstable market conditions for Crypto-currencies, the effective exchange price for the ordered Crypto-Currency will be set at the time of agreement in the next step. Our price is based on the current Canadian market.

5 - Once the deposit payment is verified the deposit excluding trade fees will be exchanged at the market rate, the resulting coins will be sent directly to the public wallet address you provided, and an email receipt will be sent to the email address you provided in the order. A deposit will be seen as agreement to the inherent risks associated with using exchanges that will be required to trade for the ordered Crypto-Currency.

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